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Support for Extensions on Microsoft Edge Browser for Android

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Microsoft Edge

Although Google Chrome for Android is a superb browser, its users have long been requesting extensions. It appears that Microsoft is now prepared to take over and complete the task in its place. With the new build preview of Microsoft Edge: AI Browser (formerly known as Microsoft Edge for Android), you can now download extensions to your mobile device.

On X, Leopeva64 noticed this new feature. A toggle in the browser’s flags is the most recent discovery made by Leopeva64, a master at spotting changes to Microsoft Edge for Android on the Canary branch. According to Leopeva64’s X post, which includes several screenshots, when enabled, you may download Chrome-based extensions onto your browser just as if you were using the desktop version.

Currently, Microsoft Edge for Android’s Canary version is the only one with this capability. Microsoft uses this version as a test version, releasing new features for people to try and identify flaws in. If you want to test this useful feature now rather than wait for it to appear on the main branch, you may download the Microsoft Edge Canary app.

Google Chrome’s core architecture, Chromium, serves as the foundation for Microsoft Edge. Thus, it will be fascinating to see whether Google decides to do the same with Chrome as a result of Microsoft releasing extensions to Edge for Android. Until then, try Microsoft Edge and utilize your extensions on the move if you have a great new Android phone and want to switch things up.

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